Frequently Asked Questions


How Can I Create An Ad?
To create your ad;
1. Log into your advertiser account and click on Ads > Create Ad.
2. Choose your ad type; whether it is PPC or CPA
3. Choose your ad format whether it is Text or Banner ad
4. Select the device type where you want your ad to be displayed on. If you want your ads to be displayed on all device types, leave the default 'All Devices' option.
5. Depending on the ad format you have selected previously, fill in the fields with the necessary details
6. Set your ad bid and budget and finally,
7. Submit your ad by clicking on the 'Create Ad' button.

Please Note: All ads are manually processed to make sure they are compliant with our Program Guidelines. You will receive a mail within an hour regarding the status of your ad after submitting it.
How Can I Fund My Account?
Can I Make Use Of The Free Credit In My Account To Advertise?
How Much Does It Cost?
Can You Design My Banner For Me?
How Do I Know My Ads Are Getting Real Clicks?
Will I See Reports On My Ads Performance?
Where Will My Ads Be Displayed?
Why Was My Ad Disapproved?


How Can I Start Displaying Ads On My Site?
To start displaying ads on your site:
  1. Submit your site for approval by clicking on Site > Add Site
  2. After you have submitted your details and your site has been approved, create your Ad Code by clicking on Ad Codes > Create
  3. After you have filled in the fields and generated your Ad Code, copy the code and paste it where you want the ads to display.
How Much Is Your Payment Threshold?
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When Do I Get Paid?
Can I Transfer My Earnings To My Advertiser Account?
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How Much Will I Earn Per Click or Impression?
Why Was My Site Disapproved?
How Do I Withdraw My Earnings?

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