Easy Sign Up

Registration is easy and you can have your ads up and running within the next 5 mins.

Contextual Display

You are in full control. You have the power to decide to let your ads display(through keywords) only on websites that have content related to your ads.

Flexible Ad Types

Spice up your advertising with a good mix of text and image banner ads.

Flexible Payment Options

Fund your account through bank deposit, wire transfer or via our preferred online payment gateway; crediting is done within minutes.

Detailed Statistics

Monitor and analyze detailed statistics from your reports dashboard. See how many impressions and clicks your ads get every hour.

Geo Targeting

Select the countries where you want your ads to display.

Rich Media

Say more and let your ads come to life through .gif format banners. Be dynamic in your marketing.

Budget Control

Set how much you want to spend per ad per day. Use our intelligent suggestion tool to get the best minimum bid so your ads get more impressions at the best least cost. The more your impressions, the higher your chances of reaching your perfect audience.

Intelligent Anti-Fraud Click System

Our intelligent engine secures your credits from an array of fraud clicks ranging from bot clicks, repetitive clicks, invalid IP click to proxy clicks. When any of these kind of clicks occurs on your ads, your credit is not be deducted.

Become A Publisher

Easy Sign Up; Instant Approval

Register, activate your account by confirming your email address; setup your site with your generated ad code and you are good to go.

Contextual Ads

Ads that match your website content are displayed based on their keywords.

Flexible Ad Types

Spice up your site content with a good, random mix of text and banner ads.

Highest Bidder Wins Your Space

Always have ads from the highest bidder display on your site at every point to ensure you earn the most.

Detailed Statistics

Monitor your detailed earnings statistics from the reports dashboard. See how many impressions and clicks your website generates every hour.

Full Customization

You have full control to customize your ad code to match your website design; from the color to the font sizes.

Competitor Filter

Block ads of competitors on your site right from your dashboard; allow only ads you want to display on your site.

Flexible Payment Options

No payment delay. Receive your payment in your bank account within 7 business days after placing your withdrawal request.

Have You Got A Question?

We have answered most of the Frequently Asked Questions on our FAQ page. You might want to visit it first before contacting us.