How To Double Your Profit – Part 1

Alright here is the deal….

In this post, I will show YOU the FOUR pillars of profit doubling.

Which means, that if you work on these FOUR THINGS in your business you are going to dramatically, double how much you make from that business.

You see, the difference between you and some other guy who is completely badass at making more sales than you from their business, and also doubling their profit is because they know THESE FOUR PILLARS, and have mastered the art of using it to their advantage.

Guess what buddy. I’m going to show you what those pillars are, and then I will show you how to touch them, just small small touches, and ultimately your business will start bringing in more sales than you are used to from next month.


So, when ANYONE says. I want more sales in my business. All they usually focus on is ONE THING. And that is, that they don’t have customers.

BUT. The reason you don’t make money is not JUST because you don’t attract customers. There are other things involved.

1. The Number of Interested customers you attract
2. The number of those INTERESTED customers that actually CONVERTS to buyers
3. The number of things they buy when they buy.
4. The number of times they repeat a purchase.
5. Your profit margin.


These things I am about to show you are INCREDIBLY powerful. These are the things I can COMFORTABLY charge someone 50k just to teach them. They are that important.

So, look at those FIVE points up there.

Those are the STEPS of profit doubling, and you need to work your way down. I’m going to make you see how important they are, then in my next write up I will show you STEP BY STEP, how to work on them.

STEP one, you need to ATTRACT MORE interested customers. Note, I did not say customers or buyers. I said INTERESTED customers. Which means they did not REALLY come to buy.


They are just interested in what you have to sell. Maybe they are passing and they see the way your goods are displayed and they look at it, or they hear a song blasting from your shop and they just look. To double your profit, you need to start by getting MORE people to just LOOK at your showcase. Not want to buy – just look. That is the first. (Don’t worry, I will show you how to do this later, Your General has you covered).


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This first stage is called the LEAD GENERATION stage. Interested customers are called Leads.


Two; When you get people to LOOK YOUR WAY. The next thing is to make them pull out their wallet and buy. It could be as simple as, buy before 4pm today and get two free meat. This stage is called the CONVERSION Stage. If people are looking your way, if people are entering your shop and not buying then the problem is FROM THIS STAGE.

It’s not your village people. Nobody put juju for you. The problem is you are NOT doing conversions well, you are not chuking them the buy injection enough. I will show you how to do this too. Chill


When you start converting leads (interested customers), the NEXT thing to work on is to Increase number of sales per purchase. That is, if one unku enters you should get that unku to buy MORE THAN ONE product. Here is why, if he buys a product with a profit of 1 naira. Your profit is just one naira. But if he buys another one of 1 naira profit, your profit increases to 2 naira.

Got it?

Very simple stuff but most people overlook it. Someone comes in and order for just rice and you just package it and sell, you don’t ask – ‘’can I add meat?, what of soft drink?’’

Moving on.

When you are getting interested customers, you are converting them, and more people are buying more per purchase – but the profit is not enough for you; then the next step should kick in.

Get people to come back. If you make a profit of 2 naira, and they come back again the next day – that is another profit of 2 naira. Again, I will show you how to get them to come back.
If you do all those 4, still not enough. Then increase your profit margin. That is, if it is giving you 2 naira profit then increase it to 4 naira. You can do this by increasing your price Or repeat all the four strategies above.

Now, I will repeat this. To double profit, here are the key areas to focus on.
1. The Number of Interested customers you attract
2. The number of those INTERESTED customers that actually CONVERTS to buyers
3. The number of things that buy when they buy.
4. The number of times they repeat a purchase.
5. Your profit margin.

I will break down how to do each of them in a new series. I will run this series simultaneously with the digital product one, so that people who don’t want to build a digital product business or have a business already won’t be left out.

Don’t miss this series if you have a business. Maybe it might work for you or maybe it might not, but I have applied them in both my business and most of my client’s business and it did great for them.

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