Complementary Partnerships – Marketing Lessons From Street Hawkers And Chefs

Some things go better together.

Bread and akara is a classic example.

Beans and Plantain another great example.

Banana and Groundnut is definitely another good example of a great partnership.

Show me a woman selling banana and I will point out another who’s nearby selling groundnuts.


What does this have to do with your brand in 2018?

Find out what goes naturally with your products or services and try to include them in your marketing mix.


A local art dealer should partner with a furniture house.

A fumigation company should partner with a popular garden/park.

Event centres should partner with event planners.

Hotels should partner with airport taxis, travel agencies and corporate training organizations.

A modeling agency should partner with boutiques and photographers.

Suya and beer goes well together. It will be foolish to think otherwise.

Boutiques and makeup should partner with Instagram Slay Queens as well as photography studios.

Keto diets and smoothie makers should partner with gym instructors. As their clients have similar objectives but products have different functions.

Wedding photographers could partner with church pastors and marriage counsellors.

Bakers should have at least 3,000 friends on Facebook and be reminded of their birthdays 1 week in advance and market their products ahead of everyone else.

You should partner with NG Adverts as your Digital Marketing Consultants for all your Online Advertising needs.

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