How To Advertise On Top News Websites In Nigeria

How to advertise on top news websites in Nigeria

This article is the definitive guide that outlines all you need to know about how to advertise on top news websites in Nigeria

No matter where you are, the Nigerian culture is likely to have impacted your life in some way. If you’re looking to reach the Nigerian audience with your business, consider advertising on popular, high traffic Nigerian-based news websites.

This article contains information about what you need to know before attempting to advertise on popular Nigerian news websites, the 2 major advertising types and the recommended one to go for if you want persistent visibility, different websites that can get your business seen by Nigerians around the world, and tips to successfully market on top Nigerian news websites.

So if you are ready and excited about what you are about to learn, let’s dive right in.

  1. Nigerian news websites are a popular go-to for many Nigerians across the globe.
  2. Most of these news websites are integrated into several apps that send out prompt site updates through push notifications. This ensures that they have a steady stream of return readers who visit their websites frequently.
  3. Not only do many Nigerians read the posts on these sites, but they also share them on different social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp and many others. This helps news websites have a geometric reach in their daily traffic.
  4. Your audience is local and global. It simply means you can advertise your business to people any where in the country as long as they have an internet connection.

So if you are considering other options where you can advertise your business outside of the popular social networks, your best bet are on top news websites with lots of daily traffic.

There are many methods you can use to advertise on news websites; but the 2 major ways are through sponsored content and banner ads.

Each of these options have their merits and demerits and we shall look at how you can utilize both of them to meet your marketing goals.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is a great way to express what your brand is about.

Basically, when you want to advertise via Sponsored Content, you will need to pay for a sponsored post.

You could get featured in a news article, get a mention in a news story, or even pay to have a complete article written about your brand.

The only downside with Sponsored Content is that they can get lost in a cache of thousands of other articles and if they are not properly Search Engine Optimized, they may not show up in the Search Engine Result Pages(SERPs) when people search for keywords related to it.

However, Sponsored Content gives you room to say much about your brand, as opposed to Banner Ads that are limited to a little space per time.

Banner Ads

Banner advertising are the second major method of advertising on Nigerian news websites and will be our focus for the rest of this article.

To advertise via banner ads, you need to pay for a banner space and then upload your banner according to the specific size of the position where it will be displayed.

The purpose of banner ads can be for a number of reasons.

You can use banner ads to create awareness about your brand, product or service and buy mindshare.

Banner ads can be used to get your prospects to notice your offer and take a specific action.

Depending on the terms of the website you intend to engage for advertising, you might be allowed to upload one or more rotating images on the spot you have paid for.

The advantage banner ads have is that (unlike Sponsored Articles), your banners get displayed on most(if not all) of the pages of the website.

Like Sponsored Articles, Banner Ads might be difficult to track if you don’t run your ads via an Ad Server or Ad Network.

It is quite important for every advertiser to know how their ads are performing by being able to track how many impressions, clicks and or conversions the banner has generated.

The NG Adverts Ad Network provides a dashboard where banner ads running within or outside the network can be tracked, to enable advertisers take actionable steps on their marketing campaigns promptly.

How to advertise on top Nigerian News Websites

There are lots of ways you can get this done but we will narrow it down to 2 basic ways.

  1. The Hard Way – Research, Contact and Engage them one by one
  2. The Easy Way – Use an Ad Network to advertise

The Hard Way – Research, Contact and Engage them one by one

Engaging top news websites individually is expensive and only reserved for brands with deep pockets.

Going the hard way here entails, doing an online research on the top News Websites in Nigeria and this is no easy feat. Attempting to take this route will cost you unnecessary time and money.

The major downside to this approach is that you will need to pay each of the top news publishers individually and also, you might not have an Ad Server where you can track the performance of your ad.

In other words, you will simply rely on the campaign report given to you by the different websites you have engaged, to show your ad has completed the campaign duration that was paid for it.

What if the stat you are given is not entirely correct? This is why you need to use a third party ad network/server to track the performance of your ads from different websites.

The Easy Way – Use An Ad Network To Advertise

Using an Ad Network saves you a whole lot of time and money as you wouldn’t need to research, contact and engage the different popular news websites.

Also if you are on a low budget, you can start advertising on so many high traffic websites with a fraction of the budget cost of engaging just one of the top news websites.

The way to get this done is via an Ad Network like NG Adverts.

Using NG Adverts gives you the extra added advantage to:

  • set targeting like keywords
  • set website category where you want your ads displayed
  • set the location where you want your ads displayed
  • set how much you want to spend per click
  • create different banner sizes and formats for the fraction of the cost of doing so on popular websites.

To get started, learn how you can sign up and create your first ad within minutes.

However if you have got the means and want to go all out, still using an Ad Network will benefit you more, as you will be able to monitor the performance of your different ad campaigns from a central point.

NG Adverts has a Sponsored Ads Marketplace where you can see a list of top Nigerian News websites, their monthly traffic stats and the cost of their ad services.

You simply choose the websites you want, fund your account, subscribe to their service, upload your banner and have your ads displaying (on the sites you have selected) within minutes.

Tips On How To Efficiently Advertise On Top Nigerian News Websites

The following tips below don’t just apply to advertising on popular websites, but also in most aspects of online advertising.

1. Set a goal on what you want to achieve from your advertising campaign. Do you want to drive traffic to your landing page, want brand awareness, or want sales?

Whatever it is you want to achieve, setting your goal from the beginning will guide you on how you design your banner, what your ad descriptive/message will be, the landing page where you send your leads to and also how to follow up your leads.

2. Ensure you have a way to track your ad’s performance. You should be able to track the impressions and clicks from your ad campaign.

3. Make your message is clear. Get a good quality ad design; never compromise on this except if you don’t want to get the attention of your leads, not to talk of them clicking on your banner or taking your desired action.

4 . Design your banners with a good mix of colours and less of white; to enable it stand out on the web pages where they will be displayed.

Why? Because most web pages are white; you will need your banner ads designed in other different colours, to give it a good contrast and ensure it is noticed on web pages.

5. Review your ad performance and make adjustments as soon as possible. No one can precisely tell the outcome of an ad until it has been put to the test. So if your banner is not performing well, make changes to your design, descriptive and targeting until you get what helps you achieve your goal.


There is a lot more traffic beyond the popular social media websites and if you are looking at other avenues to get more leads, you should consciously consider advertising on popular news websites through Ad Network advertising.

NG Adverts is making it easy for Advertisers to get their ads on thousands of high traffic websites in Nigeria and Africa.

Want to try out the NG Adverts service? Sign up and get your free advertising credit.

Did you get value in this article? Feel free to share your thoughts or ask your questions if you have any.

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