How Network Marketers Can Get New Leads

One thing Multilevel Marketers understand is numbers; they know that the more prospects they get, the more their chances of increasing the number of prospects who will subscribe to their program and so they are constantly searching for new leads to sign up.

This basic principle cuts across all facets of business because not everyone you tell about your business will take action immediately; but, you have succeeded in creating an impression in their minds on what you have to offer.

Here at NG Adverts, we are beginning to see lots of marketers use PPC Advertising campaigns to reach new leads as it is a cost effective way of promoting their programs online and reaching people anywhere in the world.

Here’s how it is done:

  1. They create a Whatsapp group
  2. They copy the invite link of their group
  3. They now create their PPC ad campaign on NG Adverts
  4. They use their Whatsapp group invite link as the landing page such that when prospects view and click on their Text or Banner ad, they are taken to the marketer’s Whatsapp group page and join it.
  5. From here the marketers can now give the new prospects more info about the MLM program they are promoting.

This strategy can also be used in many types of promotion especially if you don’t have a website, want to follow up your prospects closely and give them more info about your product/service until they subscribe.

Smart marketers also love the PPC advertising model as it is cost effective and because they don’t have to pay to display their ads except when a prospect clicks on it to join their group.

If you want a smart way to reach new prospects and pay only when people show interest in your offer, then use the PPC advertising model for better results.

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PS: Feel free to share with us the results you have gotten from your ad campaigns here on NG Adverts.

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