5 Unique Strategies To Improve Your PPC Campaigns

5 Unique Strategies To Improve Your PPC Campaigns

PPC stands for pay-per-click and is an advertising model in which a publisher is paid every time someone clicks on an advertiser’s link.

PPC can work well alongside SEO practices, for which you may be using the services of an SEO digital marketing agency. Social media sites, search engines and Ad Networks like NG Adverts generally offer the PPC advertising model. This strategy can work quite well for both advertisers and publishers for a variety of reasons.

Advertisers can potentially save a lot of money as they only have to pay per click, and those clicks may end up giving them more than they pay for. Publishers also end up getting a decent chunk of revenue from this advertising model.

Various strategies can help improve your PPC campaigns. However, as these rely on the algorithm of the Ad Network the campaigns are being run on, the strategies shared in this post are constantly evolving and some of them may not remain relevant. It is therefore, essential to keep up to date with these strategies.

Here are 5 strategies that can help improve your PPC campaigns.

1. Remove Keywords with Low Performance

Keywords are at the heart of PPC campaigns as they involve keyword bidding. This is why you will find yourself constantly reviewing the keywords you use on your ad campaigns.

Naturally, you will want to make the most out of the keywords you have chosen to bid on. Therefore, you must identify keywords that are doing poorly so that you can remove them and cut your losses.

There are two main reasons why your keyword may not be doing well. These are:

  • You might be bidding too low for the keyword, which will result in less traffic generation. This is because the NG Adverts algorithm will prioritize those who bid higher over those who bid lower. Therefore, you may want to rethink your strategy or remove them entirely.
  • The keyword you are bidding on may not have enough pages from Publisher websites that contain it. It may be too broad a word or simply something rarely used on most pages. It is recommended that you remove these keywords then.

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2. Focus on High-Performance Keywords

Just as you should remove low-performance keywords, so should you focus on high-performance ones. This means that instead of having a whole array of keywords, you should focus on the high-performance ones and prioritize your resources towards them.

By tailoring your ads around these keywords, you increase your conversion rates and revenues from them. Therefore, instead of bidding on a set of keywords, consider increasing your bids for a keyword with a high number of impressions.

3. Improve Your Landing Pages

Landing pages are what people will see after they end up clicking on your ad. You should, therefore, focus on improving these landing pages as much as possible.

This implies having an excellent design that is mobile responsive, improving the content on display, and increasing performance speed. You want to give your visitors as good an impression as possible so that you can increase your conversion rates. This will make sure you make out the most of your PPC campaigns.

Consider improving the worst landing pages for your PPC ads, as this is where you can get the most gains. Improving an already good landing page will not make much difference to it.

4. Streamline Your Account Structure

Your account structure will involve your PPC ad campaigns and ad group organization. With time, your account structure may end up becoming unstructured as there are so many keywords that you will be managing. Therefore, it is a good idea to revisit your account structure from time to time to streamline it.

While doing so, you may discover that certain ad groups may need a dedicated ad campaign. This means you may break down an ad group into separate campaigns.

5. Target Ads by Location

One unique way you can improve PPC campaigns is by focusing on performance by location. It is essential to understand that certain products will work better in particular locations; making it an excellent idea to target ads by location then.

You can see your ad performance stats by location on your NG Adverts Ads interface and check how the ads are doing based on location. You can use this information to target ads in specific locations so that you can make the most out of them.

In summary

PPC campaigns are useful advertisement models for both publishers and advertisers. Advertisers can make the most out of their campaigns through the strategies we have listed in this article. Most of these involve decision-making based on keywords and their statistics.

We hope these strategies will help you improve your PPC ad campaigns, so that you can make the most out of them.

Do you have a strategy not listed here? Please feel free to share them with us.

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