Why Am I Not Getting Clicks On My Ads?

If you are getting little or no clicks/impressions on your ad, you need to optimize your ads for better performance.

First you must understand how the NG Adverts network works. NG Adverts is a marketplace where advertisers come to place their ads; so over time, it becomes competitive to display your ads on Publishers’ sites.

The network has been designed to display ads of the highest bidder first (and more frequently) than ads with low bid amounts so that Publishers can make the most profit from their traffic.
So if you are not getting any click on your ad, your bid amount may not competitive enough and you need to adjust it.

Follow these tips to optimize your ads for better performance:
1. Adjust your CPC rate by setting it higher than the default minimum CPC rate

2. Set your CPC rate to the Suggested rate to make your ads more competitive. 

3. Modify or Loosen up your keywords. Keywords allow your ad to display on pages that contain the specific words you have set for your ad. So in essence, if no Publisher on our network has any content containing the keyword you have set, your ads will not get displayed, not to talk of getting a click.

4. Use different banner sizes
Using only one ad dimension will limit your reach. For instance, if most Publishers use the 300x250px banner size on their site and you create your banner on only the 728x90px banner size, you will not get good traffic for your ad campaign.

Our recommendation: Create your banners on all of these dimensions 300×250, 320×100, 300×600, 728×90, 300×170 (for Native Ads) and 336×280(px). These are the most used banner sizes by Publishers.

5. Change your Ad Descriptive

What you say in the message of your ad goes a long way to determine if a prospect will click on your ad or take your desired action.

To make the most of your ad campaign, it is recommended that you create multiple ads with different messaging. This will enable you determine which is performing better, and then increase the budget on the best performers.

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