How Can I Earn From Referrals?

You can earn from NG Adverts by simply referring people who want to advertise or Publishers with high traffic on their websites.

To refer and earn from NG Adverts, you need to get your referral code. Each NG Adverts account has its own unique referral code or link; so be sure to use your own code to invite both Advertisers and Publishers to sign up and get your commission.

How To Get Your Referral Code #

So, to get your unique referral link:

  1. Log into your account and click on the Referral menu
  2. Click on the Referral Code sub-menu.
  3. Choose from the list of referral types, the one that suits you well.

We have found that choosing the Referral Url option works fine for almost all use cases; however, choose whichever option you prefer from the list.

To know how much you have earned from your referrals, you can see your Referral balance at the top right hand corner of the Referral page.

A short video on how you can get your NG Adverts referral link and earn

What is a referral code? #

A referral code is a unique link you use to invite either Advertisers or Publishers to sign up on NG Adverts.

This link is the only way our system can identify those you invited to sign up and credit you for their transactions on our network.

From the Advertisers you refer, you earn commissions from the amount they fund their accounts with.

From the Publishers you refer, you earn from the revenue they make from their traffic.

Our referral program is an easy way to make passive and recurrent earnings without a lot of work.

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