The 5 Laws Of Disruptive Marketing

I’m about to hand over to you the 5 holy grail of marketing.

Buckle your seat belt, child of God, because what I’m about to show you is the 5 Core laws you need to master if you want to be ultimately good, not just in marketing, but in making very profitable business moves.

Mark this! If you take this series seriously your business sense will spike, almost OVERNIGHT,

Let’s get right into it…



Let me break this down for you.

Some days ago I tried to get a new domain name for one of my business. So I typed in the name I wanted & it was taken.

No problems. I tried another one – taken.

I did some changes to the name, changes I felt no one else would have thought of and it was taken too.

I was like, HOW?

You will better understand when you want to get a business name from CAC. You’d pick a name you feel NO ONE would have thought of and, bam, they will tell you it is taken….

Your ideas are not really that fresh. No matter what you think. Don’t flatter yourself. Someone else is MOST LIKELY already doing it. Somewhere in the world. If you doubt it, just hit google and see for yourself.

….and this is a problem.

Because if someone is doing it, it means there is going to be competition.

The question now is how do you do the EXACT SAME BUSINESS that 10 others are doing, and still beat them hands down?


To best understand how to pull this off, you need to understand the FIRST PRINCIPLE of disruptive marketing.

And that principle states that the FIRST person to enter a market ALWAYS wins. Write this down! The first person to enter a market always wins. Well, 98.9% of the time.

Think about it….


MTN is annoying but you don’t want to throw away your MTN sim because it is possibly the first sim you had. Too much contacts.



Some people don’t know that the name of THE THING is actually noodles, not Indomie. So they call every noodle Indomie.


Nairabet was the first. Bet9ja came with plenty money but Nairabet is still standing. If bet9ja had come first with all the money, Nairabet would have had a hard time making it in the market.

If you start a betting company now you’d most likely be eaten raw. You are late to the party.


When you are the first in any industry, you automatically have an upper hand.


So when you walk into an industry already filled with big sharks, how do you win?

Simple – BE THE FIRST!

And the way to be the first when you are late to the party is to pick a POSITION.


When Airtel came, MTN was already saying they are ‘’everywhere you go’’.

Airtel went for the data section of the market, so they came up with the slogan. “Smartphone Network’’

They positioned and worked to be the FIRST BEST DATA NETWORK.


This can be done even for something as simple as SELLING PEPPER. If others are selling in an open market, make yours home deliverable and you become the first in that niche.

So law #1 – All ideas are already taken. Find a way and position as the first. The way to do this is usually to do one of the following.

  1. Serve a section of the market that is not getting enough attention (MTN focusing on calls Vs Airtel Focusing on Good data connection)
  2. Pick a small niche within the niche your business is in (General weight loss vs Weight loss for Women who recently gave birth).
  3. Create a product or a service that is an improvement on an already existing one (Smartphone with normal cameras vs iPhone Camera quality)
  4. Focus on a market completely different from what everyone is focusing on (If everyone is doing business consulting vs When you come and start doing relationship Consulting).
  5. Take ideas in developed part of the world not already in Nigeria and bring it in (When we used to withdraw over the counter vs When someone imported ATMs and Sold Apps to Banks)

When you have done this right, you will have the same advantage first comers do.

In the next post I will show you what next to do, after picking a position, that will ensure that the moment you come out and start clapping, and start spitting your marketing message – people will IMMEDIATELY sit up and take notice of you.

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