One Sales Strategy That Will Increase The Desire For Your Product

If you use this well it could increase the number of sales you make by some percentage.

Let’s get right to it, shall we…

You might have noticed how hard clothe and shoe sellers try to get you to put on a cloth, or a shoe you’ve indicated interest in, when you walk into their shop. The moment you touch it, they want you to just put it on and “test” it.

…and funny enough, you put it on and you start wanting it.  This is deliberate and this strategy is an old sales strategy used as far back as ancient Greece.

I call it the “demonstration persuasion technique” and I use it in most of my sales letter too.

So how do you get someone to test your product with a sales letter?

Let me show you how…   Let’s say I want to sell someone a physical video on real estate investing….i could do it this way.   “The moment you place an order for this video your phone is going to ring at exactly 3-5 minutes after you submitted the order form, and when you pick the phone it would be someone from my office calling to confirm your order.   In 12 seconds, the order would be confirmed and my delivery department would begin wrapping your video pack in a shiny black bag with our company name on it….ready to be shipped to you…   ….In 5 days it would brought right to your house, well wrapped and packaged with a red ribbon on it….   All you need to do is, tear the red ribbon….unwrap the red shiny black gift bag, and bring out the video yellow pack.   This is where it gets very interesting….   When you slot the first disc into your DVD, quickly sit back on you couch and hit the play button on your dvd remote… at exactly 4 minutes into watching the DVD you would have learnt how to easily raise money to buy a 20,000,000 naira house, fast, in any part of Nigeria, even if you don’t have that kind of money in your bank account now.   And the moment your DVD timer hits 15 minutes 2 seconds, you would see me explaining, step by step, how you can buy 4 houses in the next 36 months, legally using other people’s money and none of your own….   If you decide to pause that video at this point, bring it out and slot in the part 2 disc….10 minutes into the second video you would learn one technique I use to get banks to lend me money to buy houses with little interest….   And so on….and so on…..   When you get the prospect to vividly see himself getting and using your product, you make him desire it. Plus it is also a way you can creatively use to weave in the features of what you sell. ============================================ Here is another example. Let’s try to sell a car tracker to women who want to spy on their husbands…. ============================================   “The moment our delivery man brings this car tracker to you ….simply tear the small grey delivery bag open, bring out the little car tracker, walk to your husband’s car and carefully reach out and just attach it below the driver seat where no one else would see.   Then wait for your husband to drive out. The moment he starts the ignition, hit the switch on the remote that came with the tracker, pull out your phone and right before your eyes, instantly, Google map would automatically come up with a little dot on it.   That dot is your husband’s car.   The moment he drives out through the gate, you’d see the dot slowly slide through your street on the Google map, if he makes a turn down the street….you would also see the dot make a turn too. If he pulls to a stop in front of anywhere, the dot stops …and this way you could practically follow him around town, while sitting on the couch in your living room and watching TV…..   The more you make your prospect see himself use the product the more you make him desire it. Hope this helps. Shalom…..

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