How To Easily Get Your Publisher Website Request Approved

Getting your site request approved is quite simple. Today we will share the parameters we look at before we approve a Publisher’s site.

1. Onclick Ads

If you have ads embedded on your site such that when a visitor clicks on a link or on any part of your website, they are redirected to another page (which is not where your visitor intended to get to) or a pop up is activated, you are not eligible to be part of our program.

2. Profanity, Nudity and the likes

If your site has content that suggests or promotes nudity, profanity, alcoholism, racism and the likes, you are not eligible to be part of our program.

3. Articles With Misleading Headlines

If your site promotes fake news, you are not welcome. Be sure to include the source of your news content if it did not originate from you.

4. Excessive Ads Display

We don’t put a limit on how many ads you can display on a page. However, if your site contains lots of ads either from us or other ad networks, making it difficult for your site visitor to access the content being sought after, you are not eligible to be part of our program.

5. Website Language

Your website language must primarily be in English language.

6. Post Size

You must have a sizeable amount of posts on your blog or articles that are atleast 2 weeks old.

Please Note: This list is not exhaustive and we will add more to this page from time to time as we deem necessary; so do well to visit this page occasionally to stay updated.

Visit our Program Guidelines to get a complete post about our policies

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