How To List Your Site For Sponsored Advertising

Would you want advertisers who will pay you daily to display only their ads on the best spots on your site to easily find you? Would you want to increase your website earnings in addition to publishing ads?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to the 2 questions above, read this post to the end.

With the NG Adverts Sponsored Ads Marketplace, you can display your site(s) and have advertisers engage you on a Cost Per Day(CPD) basis.

How To List Your Site On NG Adverts Sponsored Ads Marketplace

1. Sign Up As A Publisher

If you have not already created your Publisher account, you should Sign Up first.


2. Submit Your Site For Approval

After registering and activating your account, the next step is to submit your site for approval. To submit your site:

a. From your Publisher, account go to Sites > Add Site

b. Select the category your site falls under and fill the other fields.

Please Note: During the site submission process, be sure to fill in your Site Title and Site Description so that you can increase your chances of getting a prospective advertiser to take a look at your site in a crowded sponsored ad marketplace; make it as descriptive as possible. Secondly, you can use the site description area to market your site to your prospective advertisers; this is where you should talk about your daily site traffic, alexa rank, your primary target audience and other details your prospect should know.

c. After filling in your details and uploading your logo, submit your application.


3. Create Your Ad Code

Once your site has been approved, create your ad code. To create your ad code, go to Sites > Manage Sites and then click on the Manage Ad Codes on the corresponding site you want to create the code for.


Since this is a new site you are setting up and this is the first ad code you are generating for the site, you will likely get a ‘No Records Found’ message displayed. Do not panic.

Go to the Ad Code > Create page to create your ad code for your site. Fill in the fields just as displayed in the screenshot below.

Please Note: Make sure to choose the CPD option for the ‘Ad Code Type’ field if you want to create ad codes for Sponsored Ads. Once you are done with filling in other fields, click on the Create Ad Code button to generate your ad code.

Copy the code generated for you and paste it where you want the Sponsored Ads to be displayed on your website.


4. Create Your Packages

Once your Sponsored Ads code has been generated, you will now have the option to create packages for your site. To create packages for your site, go to the Ad Codes > Manage Ad Codes page and click on the Packages button for the corresponding site.


On the next page, fill up the corresponding fields following the example in the screenshot below.

So there you have it. To see how your site has been listed, visit our Sponsored Ad Marketplace.

In Conclusion

Our marketplace is for Sponsored, Cost Per Day Advertising and by implication it means that the zones you list will display only the ad of the advertiser for the period that has been paid for. So don’t list any zone you are not willing to completely lease out for the period it has been paid for.

Also, we charge an administrative fee of 15% for any package that is subscribed to. As much as we have setup this marketplace to help Publishers increase their advertising revenue, we are committed to creating a level playing ground whereby advertisers get value for their money.


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