How To Make More Money From Your Website

If you are reading this, you are probably already making some money from your website but not satisfied with the result.

On the other hand, if you are not yet making money from your website, you should Sign Up as an NG Adverts Publisher, create and integrate your unique ad code and get paid to display the ads from advertisers. Visit our Knowledge Base page to learn how to get started as a Publisher.

Once you have had these basics sorted out, follow the steps below to increase your earning potential.

1. Integrate and Display Your Referral Code Banners

Just like the basic principle of networking, every account on NG Adverts has a unique referral code which allows our system track when someone (either a Publisher or Advertiser) signs up from your referral link. As long as their accounts are active, you will get to earn a percentage from their transactions for life. Visit the Refer and Earn page to learn more about our Referral Program.

2. Choose The Ad Code Sizes Advertisers Frequently Target

As a publisher, it is important you know the ad code sizes advertisers usually target their ads to and ensure that most of your ad code sizes display these high demand sizes.

If you are really serious about increasing your earnings from PPC Advertising in general, you must have at least one of these ad code sizes displayed on a very visible position on your site:

  • 300×250 (Multi Purpose Unit that can display on both desktop and mobile view)
  • 728×90 (Desktop Only)
  • 320×100 (Multi Purpose Unit but best for mobile view)
  • 300×600 (Multi Purpose Unit)
  • 336×280 (Desktop and mobile) 
  • Native Ads and last but not the least
  • Video Ads

Displaying ads with any of these frequently targeted ad code sizes will expose your site visitors to more variety of ads from different advertisers for them to engage with. If you use any ad code size that is rarely used, you will have less variety of ads for your site visitors to engage with.


3. Display Ad Codes In Visible Areas

I have seen some Publishers have their banners displayed at the footer of the site and I wonder if they ever want these ads to be seen by their visitors. From our experience and hard data, we have discovered that banners displayed just below the title and inside the article body of your page do better than others placed anywhere else on the site. However, feel free to run some tests and see what works best for your site.

Secondly, displaying your banners on all the pages on your site increases the chances of your site visitors viewing ads from advertisers and engaging with them.


4. Create More Ad Codes

This is simple logic; advertisers create their ads to have them seen. Increasing the amount of ad code units on your website will increase the ad impressions you receive and also the possibility of having your website visitors see these ads. However I must warn, having too many ads on your page leads to banner blindness and can get your account suspended if not done moderately. Read our Program Guidelines to learn more about this.


5. Create Ad Codes According To The Appropriate Dimension

You need to have some basic details about your website design or template by knowing the allocated dimensions where your banners will be fixed. Integrating banners with the wrong dimension where the descriptive is not fully displayed is something we frown at and also doesn’t give your website visitor the opportunity to get the complete message the advertiser is trying to pass across which will ultimately lead to him/her engaging with the ad.


6. Create The Ad Code According To Device Type

As a website owner, you should be concerned about how your site visitor views your website based on the device s/he is browsing with. Based on this, it only makes sense to display banners that are mobile friendly to only display on the mobile view of your website and to have other bigger dimension banners display on the desktop version of your site. To get all the views of your website, you can use to see how your website visitors view your website based on their device type. I suggest you visit the responsinator website with a desktop device so you can get a complete view of how your ads look on different views.


7. Write About NG Adverts; Insert Your Referral Link

Another easy way to increase your earnings is by writing tutorials about NG Adverts and directing people to our site using your referral link. We have seen many Publishers massively increase their earnings as they earn from the traffic of the other Publishers and payment of advertisers they refer. This is one sure way to work smart and earn off other people’s energy.


In Conclusion

Your website is an online representation of your business and you need to make sure it is visually appealing through its design and the placement of the different elements on your site. We are humans and we are attracted to things that look good. If you’ve got a visually appealing design and good website content that gives value to your visitors, you have just increased your chances of a first time visitor come back again. The more your visitors return to your site, the higher the chance that they will engage with your site and also the ads displayed there.

Share Your Thoughts

Despite being the top Nigerian Ads Network, we are not an embodiment of knowledge; share with us the strategies you use to earn more on your website via display advertising so that everyone else can learn.

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  1. I added my website and was approved I have placed ads on my page and its not displaying what could be the problem? Am using wordpress software

  2. Hello CriticalInfo, I can see the ads on your site.
    Do you have any ad blocker?
    What browser are you using to access your site?

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